Free Credit

Ways To Get Free Credits

Creating your account on Playerverse will net you a sweet +100 credits

This is a great way to try us out, get a feel for how things work, and get free stuff!

Do note that we only allow one account per person though, so this can only be done once.

Make sure to follow the banner on the home page to get your credits!

Take on quests in Yuna’s Bazaar for +25 Credits (each)

Every week we release a new challenge in arcade games we love! These challenges are hosted by our sponsors and can net you nice shiny credits if you have the skills to complete them.

In order to complete a challenge generally you’ll need to beat a score, complete certain levels, etc. and submit a screenshot after.

If you miss a week, don’t worry! You can always go back and complete past challenges.

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Active Playerverse users get +25 credits every month

Make sure to log in periodically to collect +25 credits every month! These credits are added automatically for active Playerverse users, and are our way of saying thanks for being patient with maintenance, bugs, and other unforseen issues.

Playerverse Beyond members get +500 Credits per month

One of the best ways to fuel your gaming dreams is to join Playerverse Beyond. Not only do you receive insanely fast delivery, exclusive services you won’t find anywhere else, and lots of useful perks, you’ll also get 500 free credits every month to use on anything you desire.

Try Playerverse Beyond