Step 1.

Use credits to request services

Step 2.

Get a SMS message with your delivery info

Step 3.

Receive your services & get back to having fun

*Please note: Quoted delivery speeds are averages and are not guaranteed. Just like any normal business we experience periodic “hot hours” where there’s a large influx of customers. During these times deliveries will often take longer than usual. If we can’t get to you within a reasonable amount of time we will always offer free extra goodies on us to thank you for your patience!


1. Get Credits

In order to receive item/leveling services from our team members you will need to purchase credits here. Credits are simply a tip for our team's time spent performing your requested services!


2. Make Your Selection

It's time to put in your request! Add all of the items you're looking for to your cart and checkout. You will use your credit balance for any services you request.


3. Receive Your Services

  • Standard Delivery (15-30 Minutes)

    You'll leave your in-game name during checkout. We'll send you a Trade Code by SMS as soon as your order is ready! 

  • Express Delivery (5-15 Minutes)
    You can either have us send you a trade code by SMS or leave your in-game name and trade code you'd like to use during checkout, and we'll hop into your code as soon as possible to trade your order to you! 

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