Credit Stack

(30 + 0 Bonus)

Credit Pouch

160 Credits
(150 + 10 Bonus)

Credit Chest

1800 Credits
(1500 + 300 Bonus)

Credit Safe

4200 Credits
(3000 + 1200 Bonus)


In-Game Items Served


Amazing Customers


5-Star Reviews

22 Min

Average Delivery Speed

Safe & Trusted Services

No more dodgy websites or having to worry if you’re safe. With over 5,000+ 5-Star reviews we have the track record to prove that you can trust us. Not only are our services 100% Guaranteed, our strict hiring process ensures that we only bring on team members that will not only brighten your day but also serve as your personal game expert. 

Fast, Easy Delivery

As avid gamers ourselves we know all too well what it’s like to get in-game item services online. The lack of communication, the customer service you can’t understand. That’s why we offer fast & easy delivery via either Email or Live Support 7 days a week from 12PM – 10PM Phoenix Time (MST) from real team members right here in the USA. 

Your Team Will Thank You

Never get left behind the curve or hold your team back again. Carry your friends to victory with the latest gear at the highest obtainable levels and stats. Always be able to experience the newest content your game has to offer without having to spend months of your life grinding away at the same exact content over and over to get there.

RNG? That's Old News.

Games shouldn’t feel like virtual slot machines. Why spend 10s or even 100s of hours fighting random chance to get a single thing you want? With Playerverse in-game services you’ll have access to everything you could ever dream of on-demand, right when you need it. 

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