At Playerverse YOU come first

Many of our team members have bought in-game items from random websites at one time or another. We’ve been through the dread, the anxiety, the customer service reps that we couldn’t understand or just shooed us out the door. 

When we had issues we knew there was no hope but to call our bank or PayPal to try to get our money back. The experience was unpleasant and just felt dodgy.

We decided that we deserved better, and so do you.

So we set out to create a place with everything that was missing – real US customer service that actually cares. A place you know that you can trust. We did this knowing it would cost us 10x more to keep our customer service in the US and strictly hire kind-hearted team members with intimate knowledge of the games we play.

But we felt the result was worth it.

That’s how Playerverse goes beyond.


Playerverse Leadership

Playerverse Vi | Founder

The original creator of Playerverse in 2015. Spends most of his time reading and developing new features.

Playerverse Ai | Director

Head of customer relations and creative director. Island designer for AC and Vi's fiancé. Loves art and anime.

Playerverse Yuna | Marketing

Marketing Guru. You've likely received an email or two addressed from her. Is obsessed with stuffed animals.


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